iPhone games released this past week (12/14), Simcity, Rolando, and I Love Katamari

Well, I know this post is a little late, but that’s cause we just got this site up and running. This past week, the iTunes App Store so the releases of I Love Katamari [App Store Link] $7.99, SimCity [App Store Link] $9.99, and Rolando [App Store Link] $9.99. 

I’m sure all three games are awesome. I saw the frame rate problems first hand with Katamari, and decided to wait till they released the performance patch to consider it. However, I did buy SimCity and let me tell you I am addicted. I have a confession to make. I never played a SimCity game properly; meaning I always used cheat codes for money. Due to the fact that the iPhone game is so new, I decided to play it legitimately and so far so good! It’s amazing. I definitely think you should check it out. As for Rolando, I have not purchased it, but all the reviews on the Internets seem great.


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