Welcome to Slotcover!

Welcome to Slotcover. Let me be the first of the bloggers to introduce myself. Melman101, from Yonkers, NY. I love all tech, iPhone, G1, Video Game Consoles, etc. Most of my stories will be focused on those topics. Hope you find our space interesting, and please, if you have any comments, questions, or just want to generally chit-chat feel free to drop us a note!


3 Responses to Welcome to Slotcover!

  1. Paul Mitchell - Quest4tech says:

    So Melman101 – what are the hot games for PS3 coming out in 2009? Also which console do you think is the best one right now between Wii, Xbox360, and PS3?

  2. melman101 says:

    PS3 has Street Fighter 4, and Killzone 2 coming out in February. If God of War III makes it debut Holiday 2009, that will be Game of the Year, mark my words.

    I still am loving the PS3, however, if you are going for price and game library, the Xbox 360 is right there. The fact that the PS3 has a blu-ray player pretty much puts it over the top for me. I didn’t think it would be a big deal for me, but it actually is :-).

    Hope that answers your questions

  3. Paul Mitchell - Quest4tech says:

    Thank you for your quick response Melman101 – shall go with PS3 pickup for the new year 4 sure seeing they will have God of war 3 – my favorite seriies to date. Also Happy New Year guy and to your family also – latta

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