Zamzar – Free Online File conversion

Now, threw my travels of the Internet I received an e-mail that was a WPS file. If you have never seen that extension, that’s ok. I barely have either. Threw my digging, I found that it was a Microsoft Works file. Now what is more befuddling then someone using Works? Well, how about the fact that Microsoft Office doesn’t open it. Jeez, Microsoft, get on the ball!

Anyhow, without any way to open this file, I scoured the Internet looking for a solution. I found one and it is awesome. It’s called Zamzar. Basically, you upload your file, and let me tell you, it can do almost ANY FILE to ANY OTHER FILE, and then when it’s finished they e-mail you a link to the finished file (Yes, you have to give them your e-mail address. Your conversion could take a very long time). That link is available for 24 hours. They also have a premium membership that is paid and you can keep your files in a digital locker so to speak on their website.

Anyhow, the link is here. Yes they have annoying ads on the website, but the service is amazing. Needless to say, I converted the WPS file to a DOC file. However, one of my friends converted a Youtube VIDEO FLV to a Animated GIF. That is CRAZY! Check it out seriously!


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