An interview with an adware developer

January 23, 2009

In the field of computers many people have dealt with adware, either fixing infected PCs or being infected the ebil apps.  So here we have an interview with an author who has claimed to have his adware installed in 4 million PCs.

He seems quite honest and teaches some interesting strategies used by adware developers.


Weird problems resulting in deletion of post….

January 1, 2009

So I just installed the WordPress app for iPhone. I had trouble connecting to it and was getting and NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 1. From the iPhone app. So I checked out the w3c validator and one post had bad characters. I deleted it and am now posting this from the iPhone.

Happy New Year once again! – Free Faxing over the Internet!

January 1, 2009

Send free faxes threw the Internet! If you go to, they allow you to fax 3 pages with an ad on the cover sheet. Big whoop! It allows you to fax for free twice a day! Seems pretty straight forward. No BS just a few ads. I just faxed my parents Happy New Year! 🙂

I’ll update this post when my parents finally return home and see the fax 🙂

Edit: Parents received fax and did not even mention the ad on it :-)!