Response to iPhone 3.0 beta firmware faq on Engadget

March 19, 2009

I just got finished reading Engadget’s article “iPhone 3.0 beta firmware faq”: I have to say, their one question and I quote:

“Is it stable enough for real use?

So far, yes — if you’re an Engadget reader, you’re probably an early adopter-type who’s willing to deal with a little pain. So far 3.0 has been pretty good, I wouldn’t try to talk anyone out of it (unless they had some crucial apps that weren’t yet working in 3.0, or needed it to be unlocked or jailbroken).”

I do not agree with that. I don’t think it is stable enough for real use yet. Granted, I am using it but I have been having problems that I would much rather fix than have the new features. To be honest, I’ve been an iPhone user since iPhone original day 1. I never had landscape SMS. So I haven’t used that new feature yet, and don’t see that I will cause I’ve just been used to portrait SMS for ever now. Secondly, I really wanted MMS. Guess what? It doesn’t work on AT&T yet. So that’s a bust. Also, I have had numerous weirdo bugs like freezing while trying to answer a phone call. Also, photos don’t load in facebook, and twinkle puts messages behind the status bar on occasion. I tried to play music, and nothing was playing. I had to fully restart the phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love iPhone and I love iPhone 3.0. I would think twice before installing beta software again. And I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to people who are just casual users. However, I do plan on building an app that takes advantage of some of the 3.0 SDK features, hoping to get it out for 3.0 launch. That would be awesome.


Wii extension controller to USB project

March 12, 2009

I have created an open source hardware project for the purpose of converting Wii extension controllers to USB using the AVR atmega168 microcontroller.  So far it only works for the nunchuck and classic controller and has serious limitations but I hope it helps some people.  I have posted the source code and manual on google code:

Here is the video I shot playing Street Fighter IV on the PS3. (nb: the turbo feature is not in the source as I wanted to make a general converter, not something just for fighting games ((I have made headway into programming macro functions for special SFIV moves though.. muhaha XD )) )

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