Asus EEE PC 900A

Just to give you the specs up front, it’s got a 4Gig SSD, Intel Atom 1.6ghz, 1GB Ram, SD Card slot, No bluetooth, No webcam. 

Recently, I read an article at TUAW detailing how a Dell Mini 9 failed a fellow blogger when he installed Mac OS X on it. I myself have been running into problems getting an opening system that is usable on it. I have used Linux since back in the mid 90s, and been an avid OSX user since 2000/2001 whenever the public beta dropped.

Linux has been a bear to install and run on here. Easy Peasy v1.0 was working fine but Jaunty Jackolepe came out (9.04) and decided I needed a run at that. So I had my run, and then eventually it would not boot. I would be able to log in but not be able to see any sort of screen or anything. Instead of trying a re-install I thought I’d go a different route.

I made an N-Lite WinXP CD and took out most stuff. I followed a great guide located here:

Included in that link, is a link to the guide that creates your Windows XP CD. Then also, some other tips on improving the speed. This thing is working fantastic. Really, really fantastic. I have to say.

However, back to my original point. The TUAW Blogger stated that the machine was cramped and no good to type novels on. I have to agree with him. While I am banging away at the keyboard right now typing this post, I can see how my right and left hands both have to contort in a weird way to type what I need. This is causing discomfort in my right hand. However, for browsing the Internet, quick AIMs, and what not, this machine can not be beat. Especially when I got it from a friend for $150. This is the ultimate portable computer.

Final comment is that I think this machine can be used in the right conditions. To use this to type a novel, I doubt it. To use it as an internet/aim machine, definitely. If you get yourself an external mouse, that also increases the experience a million fold. I’m not a big fan of external mouses, but in this case it is way worth it.

This post was written on my Asus EEE PC 900A running Google Chrome on WinXP N’Lited!


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