Launch of Local LTD website

June 16, 2009

Hey all, just put up my first app for review in the iTunes store. It’s not there yet, but I will make a new post once it’s approved. This program is for iPhone 3.0 with In-App E-Mail, and an In-App map. Website for the program is located at

Here is the description once approved in the App Store:
Since the dawn of time, there has always been a question in the minds of humans. This question is quite possibly the most epic question pondered throughout the day. That question is “What’s for Lunch?” (or Dinner 🙂 ). Local Lunch Time Decider or LTD for short helps you answer that question in today’s wonderful world of technology. Everytime you launch the app, it already has a random choice chosen for you. Then you can have it choose again, find new locations around you, map those locations, call them, e-mail your friends to meet you there, and even add in your own secret locations!

Save these locations in here so you don’t clutter up your address book! Driving down the highway with a friend? Have your friend check out the local eats, and save them in your list! Then you can check them out whenever you get a free chance

Have fun and I hope you do enjoy!

Check it out when you get a chance!