Stop and Shop Scan It! – Shopping in the 21st Century

Today, I really felt like I was in the 21st century. I walked into my local Stop and Shop at Cross County center, and there I encountered something technologically amazing; The ability to scan and bag as you walk threw the store. It was a completely phenomenal experience, and I recommend everyone to try it.

As soon as you walk in they give you the scanner and the bags. You have to scan your Stop and Shop card, then a scanner activates. You pick it up, and take a bunch of bags from where the scanners are hanging. When you are finished, you go up to the counter, scan this barcode at the register, and then it downloads it onto their main computer. Then you pay like normal.

I did not video tape the end of the experience, but I added a little ending to the video from the store. Watch the video embedded below to see the experience in action.


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