Why I will be getting a 3G iPad.

February 27, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I figured I mind as well get back to writing on the blog. I’ve been jonesing for an iPad ever since the day after it’s release and I’ll give you the low down on why I will be getting an iPad.

As a tech aficionado my original response to the iPad was epic fail. I thought this exactly: “What is this? It’s just a big iPod Touch. What? It doesn’t have a camera? It doesn’t have Adobe Flash? It doesn’t have multitasking? It doesn’t run full OS X?”. Those are all the same questions that have been plaguing the Internets since the iPad was announced. However, after sleeping on it, and being an iPhone developer, I then realized my bourde.

As a developer, I now realize the incredible potential of the iPad. At first, I didn’t get it either, but hear me out. Mac OS X was written back in the late 1990s, early 2000’s. Mac OS X 10.0 was released on March 24th, 2001, a long time before the iPhone was realized. It’s primary input was a keyboard and mouse. Most of it’s focus is as a keyboard and mouse OS and not as a touch screen OS. Your (not just you) fingers are big. Imagine trying to hit the Red X with you finger. It would be tough on a 10″ screen. A lot of applications have been written for OSX that rely on the keyboard and mouse. There is no incentive for people to develop OSX based touch screen apps with no store for them. Being a developer on the Internet is a lot harder then being a developer on the iTunes App Store.

So then, the obvious choice is the iPhone OS. Why? Well, because developers like me will be able to write programs and get them into a common place to sell apps. Also, pure and simply, innovation. All iPhone OS were developed with touch controls and acceloremeter controls in mind, the same input / output controls as the iPad. So now, what can developers do? Make bigger, better iPhone programs.

I know what you are saying. “What does this mean? Doesn’t it mean it’s just a bigger iPod Touch?” No. I also said the word better. With this 1024×768 display as opposed to a 480×320 display, developers will be able to make better programs. Additional programs that will only work on the iPad due to the size nature of them. For instance, imagine a cook book with the ingredients on the left side and the directions on the bottom right and a video playing on the top right. That would be incredible.

That would be an amazing cookbook.

The possibilities are endless as a developer. It really is an amazing time. Think about AIM with a buddy list on the left, your conversation in the top right and a web browser in the bottom right. Essentially that is multitasking. Hopefully they’ll do more for us, but I have a feeling that most multitasking is web browsing plus something, so developers can add that in. I know it’s not true multitasking but until we get real multitasking, this will do.

About this Flash thing. I haven’t really missed it on the iPhone. Sure, it should be there. I’m not going to deny that. However, I have a feeling most developers will switch to HTML 5 if this thing takes off. That is something I’m willing to take a risk on.

Camera, of course it would be nice. The amount of times I video chat on my macbook pro are like 5 times since OSX came with Video Chat  of owning macs. So while I would love a camera, this will not be a show stopper to me. The ability of apps to go ridiculously wild on the iPad is enough for me to say, man, this thing is definitely worth owning.

Now, why am I getting the 3G one? Well because, the option for an unlocked internet device abroad is incredible. I never really travel but if I do and Micro-sims take off, it will be incredible to have. Plus, it has the GPS chip. I could see that being awesome as a passenger on a road trip. Lastly, $14.99 for data anywhere is incredible. That is not unreasonable at all.

So I’ll be picking up the 3G 32GB iPad.

I also have an iPhone. I do not think the iPad will sell as many units as the iPhone. However, I do think that being able to use the 10″ screen on the internet will make a big difference as opposed to browsing the internet on my 3.5″ iPhone screen. There have been times I tried to do something on iPhone but it was too small to do it. I think the iPad will be perfect for these tasks.