Local LTD now Universal App

August 27, 2010

Hey all,

Just a quick note. About a month ago, I finally released Local LTD as a Universal Binary. Please, I encourage you to check it out, and leave a review on the iTunes store.

Thanks everyone!


iPad 4 months (almost 5) months in + Crystal Film iPad Review

August 27, 2010

Well everyone, sorry it has taken so long to write  a blog post. I have been extremely busy in my personal life as well as my professional life, and it has just been a nightmare.

Anyhow, you don’t want to hear about that I’m sure. Let’s talk about the iPad. It’s still truly remarkable. Best machine I have ever owned. I just love how light and easy it is to transport around, and how fast the Internet is on it (if you have a good connection of course). I do not regret buying the WiFi only version at all. I do have one complaint. Somehow, I got a scratch on the screen, visible when the machine is on. That, my friends, is a travesty. So immediately I went out and bought the Crystal Film for iPad.


It’s awesome. It went on with no dust, and no bubbles. Now, at least, I’ll have piece of mind for the rest of my iPad screen. I have seen others with screen protectors and their application of it looks terrible. I am very happy that I went with the Crystal Film instead of any other type of screen protector. It’s like not having one on my iPad as well.