Well I couldn’t resist. I got a 64GB WiFi iPad

April 3, 2010

Well I decided that i couldn’t wait for the 3G iPad. I needed to have his asap. I must say it is amazing. So far, it has utterly blown me away at how awesome it is. I haven’t stopped using it since I got it at 9am thus morning. I gotta say that I can definitely get used to using the onscreen keyboard however I do see the need for a real keyboard If you are writing a ridiculous article as typing fast on glass is not ideal.

I bought the Apple Case and the dock. What a big snafu that was. The iPad with the case on does not fit in the dock.

So far I bought Weather HD $0.99 cents, Comic Zeal 4 $7.99, and MLB for $14.99. The only one I regret is Weather HD. Other than that, the comics look amazing and MLB is awesome.

I love this thing. The screen is so vivid and bright. Browsing the Internet on it is ridiculous. Typing is not so ideal but not terrible. USA Today is awesome. So many great apps and this is just the beginning.

This blog post published and wrote on iPad. 🙂